Role of Data Mining in E-Commerce

Bilal Taskeen
March 07, 2022
4 min read

In my opinion, data mining is the process of analyzing the large sets of information helping business decision makers to formulate modern market strategies, reduce risks and predict the customer behavior.

I have experienced that it plays an essential role in e-commerce. With growing businesses, the required services of e-commerce may also increase to a level that enterprises cannot handle. For that purpose, I believe data mining can be used to handle e-commerce enterprise services and explore patterns for online customers so companies can boost sales and the general productivity of the business. As we all know, while inspecting an online store for shopping, users typically leave behind some facts that companies can store in their database. These facts, in my opinion, represent unstructured or structured data that can be mined to provide a competitive advantage to the company. There are some areas in the field of ecommerce where data mining is really beneficial and these areas are customer profiling, personalization of the services, sales forecasting, merchandise planning, and customer segmentation.

The data we collect about customers and their transactions according to my thoughts, are the greatest assets of e-commerce companies which needs to be used deliberately for the benefits of the companies. For such companies, data mining plays an imperative role in providing customer-oriented services to upsurge customer satisfaction. It is apparent that utilizing data mining tools is an obligation for e-commerce companies in this comprehensive modest environment.

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