Role of Artificial Intelligence in Financial World

Bilal Taskeen
March 27, 2022
4 min read

It is my observation that financial services providers are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence to gain an edge over their competitors. AI has the potential not only for market transformation but also for efficiency gains that all kinds of businesses can use, particularly traders and brokers who need more data at hand when making decisions about trades or loans. AI also benefits credit scorers by trying out different algorithms to generate better predictions and maybe even reduce costs.

The potential for artificial intelligence in the financial industry is limitless. One of these is regulatory compliance and fraud detection. AI can also help improve investment evaluation accuracy and assist customers by reducing operational costs or sometimes eliminating risks. Last but not least, we might see an increase when evaluating loans and facilities because there will be a minimum human error margin, and workers would get their tasks done faster and with a lot less hassle.

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