BI Tools in Marketing

Bilal Taskeen
April 21, 2022
4 min read

From my point of view, using customer data for better marketing campaigns is a longstanding idea. Still, it has recently become more popular with the rise in modern marketing approaches. Business intelligence (BI) can help you leverage all that information about your customers and make them feel special by targeting ads at just what they want, which are their preferences.

In my opinion, marketing has become increasingly data-driven, and marketers are revolving to cloud-based business intelligence tools for insights into customers' needs and desires. Considering its modern-day trends in marketing, almost 90% of the companies in the near future will rely on these powerful resources to complete their work effectively. Some of its benefits are analyzing consumer buying patterns, using evocative data to manage your sales and delivering perceptibility into which products are selling the most in the market.

The power of BI, from my stand of point, has been felt in all aspects of marketing, with one important role being to ask the right questions about your data. With this information, you can define metrics and KPIs relevant to business goals and target demographics based on what they want from a brand or product-service offer. In addition, you can streamline reports, so it's easier than ever.

Stampa Solutions is thus providing all of these services in the marketing field, which will increase ROI, enhance the efficiency of an organization's output and help any company focus more on its core operations.


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