Business Intelligence is the Base of Digital Transformation

Bilal Taskeen
September 22, 2022
4 min read

As the digital transformation of companies continues, Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming increasingly important. Organizations are leveraging BI to unlock insights from their data and make informed decisions. The use of analytics-driven decision-making has become more widespread, with every member of an organization taking part in it. Consequently, the future trends of Business Intelligence are emerging to provide increased speed and accuracy for decision-making.

Trends like self-service BI, predictive analytics, and automated machine learning are leading the way in providing organizations with a better understanding of their data. Self-service tools enable business users to access large datasets quickly, while predictive analytics can help predict customer behavior and automated machine learning allows for predictive models to be built with minimal effort.

Data visualization, natural language processing (NLP), and augmented analytics are also becoming more important in the realm of BI. Data visualization helps organizations present their data in meaningful ways, allowing users to gain insights more easily. NLP allows organizations to understand unstructured data and draw insights from it. Augmented analytics, combining natural language processing and machine learning, allows business users to ask questions about the data in plain English and get accurate results.

Finally, cloud-based BI is becoming more prevalent. By taking advantage of cloud computing resources, organizations can scale their BI operations quickly and access their BI platforms from anywhere with an internet connection.

Reach out to me to get more insightful information about the evolving trends in Business Intelligence and how you can leverage them to your organization’s benefit. Together, we can make sure your business intelligence operations are up-to-date with the latest technological advances and remain competitive in the market.

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