Robotic Process Automation in Manufacturing Industry

Nabeela Yaseen
February 26, 2022
4 min read

Robotic process automation in the manufacturing industry introduces various automated tools to streamline manufacturing processes. These tools provide efficiency in various functions such as inventory management, production planning and delivering mission evaluative work.

It is my observation that such automation proves beneficial in the manufacturing industry as it provides lower operational costs, improved production quality with consistency, faster return on investment (ROI) and increased production output. The main objective of process automation is to improve a company's workflows.

I also feel that robotic automation has revolutionized the manufacturing process. The field of industrial robotics has expanded and advanced, increasing the robot’s abilities to take on human characteristics, such as proficiency, trainability, memory, and sensing. The new manufacturing robots are more productive and use less energy to work, making them more effective than the previous generation.

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