The Mobile App Development Lifecycle

Ambreen Jamil
September 29, 2023
4 min read

Every day, one of the roughly 6 million mobile applications currently accessible on app stores impacts our lives. However, I’ve observed that most businesses are still unaware of the correct mobile app development process to transform their app idea into a complete, market-ready product.

Anyone who has ever developed a mobile app knows that it is not a quick or easy process. There are many stages that a mobile app must go through and each stage is critical to the success of the final product. It is my experience that the mobile app development lifecycle has six essential phases including Inception, Design, Development, Stabilization, Deployment, and Maintenance.

Inception, is the ideation phase where you come up with the initial concept for your app. You’ll decide what problem you’ll address with your app; it’s features and the required market research to determine the demand for your app.

Design: Once you have a solid concept for your app, it's time for the Design phase. This phase includes creating wireframes and mockups to visualize what your app will look like. Don’t forget to get feedback from potential users during this phase.

Next is Development which is the most critical stage. Start building your app after choosing the right platform (iOS or Android) and programming language(s) for your app.

Stabilization is the phase where you are putting the finishing touches on your app and squashing any remaining bugs.

Once you are confident that your app is stable and that you’ve successfully implemented the marketing strategy for your app, you’ll release your app into the wild! Submit it to App Stores and promote it to create awareness of its existence.

Finally, you get to the Maintenance phase: Your work is not done once your app is released! You'll need to continuously monitor your app for crashes or issues and feedback. You’ll need to push out new updates on a regular basis and keep improving future versions of your app.

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