Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

Nabeela Yaseen
July 03, 2022
4 min read

Content marketing is an ever-changing and dynamic industry. To succeed in content marketing, I believe it is imperative to stay ahead of the trends by keeping updated with what's new and innovative. By understanding which content marketing trends are likely to sustain themselves until 2023 and beyond, creators can have an edge in creating content that grabs attention and sparks conversations.

Content marketers need to remain agile as the digital sphere evolves daily. The content you produce today may not be relevant or effective a few days later. Learning to anticipate these changes can help prepare content strategists for success in content marketing.

Metaverse Marketing

As the metaverse continues to grow and evolve, brands are discovering numerous new opportunities for developing creative connections with 50% of the world's population– gamers. Recent market analysis shows that investment into this domain is expected to surge exponentially in coming years, totaling over $100 billion by 2022 and an estimated worth exceeding 800 billion dollars by 2024! Companies across multiple industries, from fashion & music to film to sports, recognize how leveraging virtual worlds can amplify their brand purpose without compromising on quality or impact - prompting many businesses to make it a central part of their 2023 strategies!

Always-on Content

The world has shifted drastically since the pandemic took effect and content marketing is no exception. Successful clients in this rapidly-evolving digital space will be those who apply trends, such as "always-on content," to ensure they are consistently engaging with their audiences. Building relationships has moved beyond campaigns and one-off content pieces to a more holistic approach, where content is constantly on view for people to find and interact with. Brands that invest in creating content strategies can remain top of their customer's minds, allowing them to remain ahead of the competition in this never-ending field of content marketing.

Storytelling for Conversion

Content marketing has exploded in the digital space, giving way to more strategies and tactics like conversion storytelling. This approach hinges on providing content that resonates with audiences and drives them to action—regardless of where they are in their journey—by prioritizing quality over quantity. Moreover, it allows brands to consider recent trends of customers not having linear journeys. Therefore, by targeting and moving customers through the entire journey with insights-driven content, conversion storytelling is essential for content marketers who want to shape the customer's entire experience with their brand.

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