How AI is Changing the World

Ambreen Jamil
February 25, 2023
4 min read

In my opinion, Artificial Intelligence is changing our world, and it's only just begun. With applications ranging from self-driving cars to healthcare - AI has already made its mark on society in a major way.

AI has brought a revolutionary change in every sector, from finance to transportation. It has changed everything over the past decade. In my estimation, with AI, organizations can make better decisions with increased speed and accuracy. This will improve core business processes by increasing both the rate of strategic decision-making and their ability to identify potential risks in those plans before they arise.

It’s my personal belief that the introduction of AI technologies has allowed for individuals to perform tasks that were once tedious or difficult. These advancements have given people more free time, which they can devote themselves to creative pursuits and social interactions with others. Therefore, it has impacts on every aspect of life, mostly resulting in a positive manner.

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