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3 Resources

Per Month

  • 1 Dedicated Full-Stack Engineer
  • 1 QA Engineer – 20hrs
  • 1 CSPO – 20hrs

5 Resources

Per Month

  • 2 Dedicated Full-Stack Engineer
  • 1 QA Engineer – 20hrs
  • 1 UI/UX Engineer – 20hrs
  • 1 CSPO – 20hrs

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For your customized needs let’s discuss how we can help you to build a top talent team, and collaborate on creating cutting-edge digital solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

These professionals are your exclusive, full-time resources who are committed to working exclusively for you. Stampa Solution handles all aspects of medical benefits and insurance, as they are primarily affiliated with us, but they operate as your dedicated employees under a transparent Remote Employee Hiring Cost arrangement and you can save your cost up to 40% Efficiently

We empower you to source, oversee, and cultivate the finest talent for your enterprise. Our expertise in HR management facilitates talent retention through remote work capabilities and equitable compensation structures. We provide comprehensive resource management solutions tailored to address your every HR requirement. Let's engage to discover the perfect team for your needs.

We are committed to finding the perfect match for your needs. If, for any reason, the employee doesn't meet your performance standards within the initial three months, we will promptly identify and provide a replacement resource at no extra cost. Our rigorous evaluation process includes aligning with your recruitment criteria and qualifying questions, ensuring a seamless fit. If the employee falls short of your expectations, your dedicated Account Manager will handle the off-boarding process and swiftly secure a new resource for your team."

Certainly, your team members will enjoy access to all office facilities, tailored to their specific requirements and preferences

We offer an array of community benefits designed to enhance employee retention and engagement. These encompass monthly training sessions, workshops, community outings, special interest resource groups, team luncheons, and various other perks."


Onboard, Promote, Growth

Hire Top Talent and Assemble Successful Remote Teams. This is the guarantee for the future of work. If you're ready, we're poised to turn this vision into reality.

Ready to expand your team?


Discover the ideal approach for your project development needs and allow us to assist you in hiring remote resources to build your team and achieve your goals.


We align with your project estimates and requirements by offering trusted, highly skilled developers to deliver outstanding project results.


Maximize your ROI, Project Success Ratio, scheduling, and ensure a 100% project submission rate for guaranteed project success.

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Discover our Core services in top Talent acquisition and training, designed to cater to your cutting-edge requirements. We've Driven the process of remote hiring, making it simpler and more efficient than ever before 

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